The exercises for the period of pregnancy according to M° AMADIO BIANCHI

"The creation of the individual begins in the fatal period by developing, for example, sensory sensitivity, that is the perception of sound or light. The child is formed based on the first contacts’ qualities with the mother.
Therefore, through my prenatal work experience, I state that pregnancy must first be accepted both physically and psychologically.
It is the first step to be taken in order to be able to live with awareness, serenely and happily one of the most beautiful and growing moments in a woman's life. A second step is fulfilled by taking into consideration, from a psychological point of view, the natural fear that invests above all the first pregnancy. She must face an unknown terrain to her and this state of tension contrasts with the qualities necessary to affirm the health and serenity necessary for a good gestation process.
The changes that follow one another both psychologically and physically are often the cause of indisposition. On a physical level, for example, spinal disorders can occur: while the foetus grows, the weight of the mother increases, forcing it to assume a different posture that alters the natural structure of the low back and this is usually the cause of suffering.

Furthermore, if the mother has not been able to practice a serious breathing preparation before pregnancy, she may soon find herself uncomfortable, since the diaphragm, with the growth of the foetus, rises and causes difficulty in breathing.

Here are some yoga exercises to do at home, with the aim of helping you overcome this difficulty, transforming it into a well-being period of psycho-physical:

The first simple exercise consists of settling on all "four legs”, concentrating on the lumbar area of ​​the spine and letting the movement flow from this point.
While inspiring slowly (the movement must last as long as the length of the breath) the column arches, the kidneys are lowered while turning the head upwards. While exhaling, on the contrary, one vertebrae at the time are pushed upwards and the chin is brought as close as possible to the sternum.

The dynamics must be repeated for a long time, being aware of the movement of the spine and the breathing. The exercise, as it is easy to presume, unlocks and makes the column flexible and  develops a complete breathing that is active on all three areas: abdominal, thoracic, and clavicles.
In Yoga, this type of breathing is known as Viagra-pranayama or tiger breathing. It can be practiced by anyone without contraindications and for the all duration of the pregnancy, bringing considerable benefits.
However it is advisable to lie down on one side to rest at the first sign of fatigue. In this position it is suggested to practice body awareness that increase the state of relaxation. At the same time, awareness of breathing must also be maintained. One must observe the flow in and flow out of the air and encourage total spontaneity and freedom of expression in the breathing. This will try to eliminate the psychological tensions and impediments caused by emotions.
After a few minutes of this last practice it’d be wise to sit in a cross-legged position and proceed with a meditation with an "oriented breathing” to be performed as follows:
Breathe in slowly and deeply; imagining the breath inhaled through the nostrils, descends along the spine to the solar plexus; hold for a few seconds (I recommend without effort) and at the same time visualize the energy that has been transferred into the belly through the breath and spreading in the child's little body. Exhaling (always through the nostrils) assuming that negativity leaves the body through exhalation.
I conclude by emphasizing that the most important thing in the period close to childbirth is to live it by indulging in the beneficial force of nature contained in the birth of your child. "
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