Namaste: what a nice greeting

Namaste comes from the Sanskrit namaskāra and it means I bow to you or better I bow to the divine in you. Life itself in India is already religion in all its expressions and in all its gestures, thus recognizing in each one an expression of that infinite manifestation which is God. While saying namaste I join the left hand, which represents the feminine principle, to the right hand, which represents the masculine principle so diversity, as well as the two opposites, are unifying in an experience of oneness, as God is in the most evolved Indian thought.
It also immediately emerges from this gesture-symbol that when it comes close to the divine one must unify the psychosomatic complex towards a single idea.
I suppose that if I could have been an astronaut, once the dizziness which I suffer since childhood was overcome, moving away from our planet, I would feel reassured to see that the earth is round.
After all, we never trust completely what others tell us. A major problem nowadays is the lack of trust. First of all we no longer have confidence in ourselves and consequently also in others. This currently prevents the practical application of our ideals, or our profound intuitions.
When we began the third millennium we were so excited, and, after all it doesn’t matter even if the date was established by the mankind , and I personally believe it has no importance for the purposes of universal evolution. I wish this simple emotion would continue to grow in the future, even more, hoping that this may cause a general awakening of a real will to change the quality of consciousness.
I wish that in the future we would be able to produce more “rounded” thoughts just like our planet is round, and that humanity seriously starts to work together more to unite rather than divide, becoming mentally more plastic and less angular. During its evolution the human mind, at some point, was able to produce the concept of infinity, but it has failed to put it into practice… at least for now. This could be the revolutionary thinking of this new millennium. The real conception of a society that believes in a universal and infinite Entity where everything was Him(Her)self and also his/her manifestation.
At this point diversity would represent a reassuring concept that infinity exists, and diversity would no longer cause fear and would be respected.
Many disciplines have been trying to follow this intuition since the dawn of time, in particular yoga, but sometimes they fail because their proponents have
never really made a deep path inside themselves to experience this UNITY and get lost in separation.
The mistake arises when you start to think that you are right or you think you are holding the only one truth in your hand without taking into account that man is unable by his own nature to free himself from the subjectivity. Thus continues to split the "One Truth" in many parts by offering it as a whole, perhaps in good faith, without realizing what he is really doing.
Already in the Ṛgveda, the oldest text to which India refers to, we read:
ekaṁ sat viprā bahudhā vadanti
It seems to me that this statement brings with it the signs of an objective vision which, on the other hand, can only arise after the complete sacrifice of oneselves in the fire of knowledge. Practically an utopian dream ... Especially if we observe the human behaviour in recent times when man seems more likely to sacrifice himself for his personal, egoistic success more than for that of the society. However, he realizes that he is paying a high price for his unconsciousness: the result is his own unhappiness! He realizes it but he has lost his confidence and just like a child he looks confused and frightened.
On the other hand this is exactly the time to do something: strive to think and act in a more “positive and objective way”, being aware that the way of the subjective has now revealed its defects.
The subjective did not cause disasters only in the case in which it was placed at the service of humanity. History teaches ....
In my opinion, to implement a better quality of life, it becomes essential nowadays to make a new start by recovering a more ethical behaviour, a more “dharmic" attitude.
Indeed, the study of dharma should precede any other kind of research.
I would properly say!
Just let’s see what happens in our society, where it is not so. This observation let us understand that, as I have already said, without dharma, one is forced to live in misery, mutual distrust and insecurity.
I conclude by emphasizing, moreover, that in the context of an evolving social context everyone deserves respect precisely because being part of the Infinite Entity.
Even more the enemies who, among others, are our best teachers as they try to hit us where we are weak, enlightening us and in such a sense.
I affirm that a qualified society of the third millennium (if it is true that we want to be better) must be based on respect, on awareness of diversity as an expression of the infinity and the interior experience of unity. The experience of the particular that offers itself to the universal in the arising of a new consciousness and it is nourished with the light of more truth as objective as possible, burning in the flame of love.
A qualified society of the third millennium must return to hope, to believe
and to have trust in the realization of his best ideals, nourishing himself with
ease of belonging to this manifestation and working on a unifying project of brotherhood.
Only in this way we can hope in the experience of the "Oneness" that the laity call it Universal experience and the mystics God’s experience.
© 2020 - C. Y.  SURYA - MILAN (ITALY)